• Tine Turner was born in which country?


  • Which of these countries did not use tanks during World War I?


  • Which type of "Monster" features in Sesame Street?


  • Mozart and Beethoven are both famous what?


  • Which of these was UK Prime Minister in the 80s?


  • What was the name for the geopolitical divide in Europe?

    Iron Curtain

  • In which year was The Wilderness Act signed into law by Lyndon B. Johnson?


  • Which member of The Rolling Stones was INSERTd in 1969

    Brian Jones *Question typo as presented

  • Which singer's 1973 concert had more viewers than the moon landing?

    Elvis Presley

  • The speed on US highways was decreased to what during the 1970s?

    55 Mph

  • Who was awarded the Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press in 1970?

    George Blanda