• How far do sandstorms originating in the northwest Sahara often reach?

    The Caribbean

  • How long does it take for light to reach the Moon from the Earth?

    1.25 Seconds

  • Which metal makes up approximately 90% of the alloy, Pinchbeck?


  • What is the best measure of growth of an organism?

    Dry mass

  • Which of the following instruments does not employ valves to change pitch?


  • In what type of water would you keep a Neon Tetra fish?


  • British Prime Minister Winston Churchill wona Nobel Prize in what prize category?


  • What 1950s vehicle was marketed as "the family car that wins races"?

    Alfa Romeo

  • Who came up with the term 'dinosaur'?

    Sir Richard Owen

  • What is the most ever recorded rainfall in one minute?


  • Many paleontologists believe birds likely originated from which group of dinosaurs?


  • Which of the following is not a characteristic of a mineral?


  • What do Nimbus clouds not produce?

    Sun light

  • Which one of these change will reduce the voltage induced in a coil by a magnet?


  • Which of the following is a disadvantage of DAB over FM radio?

    Some areas not covered

  • Where was the Domain Name System created?

    University of Wisconsin

  • About how many galaxies are there in the universe?

    A Thousand Million

  • What's Earth's true shape?

    Oblate Spheroid

  • Which is largest?


  • What do we call a network whose elements may be separated by some distance?


  • What material is used in cloud seeding?

    Carbon Dioxide

  • Which small fruit from tropical climates has an blah blah blah name meaning "Hairy"?


  • Varieties of which creature are called Rockhopper and Chinstrap?


  • For a given type of wire, it will have more resistance if it is what?

    Longer and thinner

  • What happens to lights in cats' eyes to help them see in the darker conditions?

    Bounces Off

  • Which of these petals is not commonly eaten?


  • Which of the following major power blackouts left the most people in the dark?

    Brazil, Nov 2009

  • How are the two strands of DNA held together?

    Hydrogen bonds

  • Which NASA mission carried out the first flyby of Saturn, in 1979?

    Pioneer 11

  • Which word has been coined to symbolize internet business?


  • What was the first computer with graphical user interface?

    The Apple Lisa

  • The scientist and peer Susan Greenfield is famous in what field?

    Human mind

  • Dinosaurs were dominant for how many years?

    160 million years

  • How many people in the US watch TV on the Internet?

    160 million years

  • Before the 1950s broadcasters were discouraged from using what word?