• How many Stanley Cup has Dominik Hasek won?


  • Who pitched no-hitters at ages 43 and 44?

    Nolan Ryan

  • In which of these team sports does the net run across the middle of the playing area?


  • What does the referee use in soccer to signal events in the game?


  • Which of these is a famous basketball player?

    Lebron James

  • Who was drafted by Timbereolves and immediately traded to Bucks in 1996?

    Ray Allen

  • Who won the Women's shot put at the 2011 IAAF World Championships?

    Valeria Adams

  • Who is the leading NHL points scorer rom Switzerland

    Mark Hardy

  • Which team was the first ever to make a selection in an MLB draft?

    Kansas City Athletics

  • What color ball is worth the most points in snooker?


  • Which award did ice hockey player Alexander Ovechkin win first?

    Calder Trophy

  • Which IndyCar driver won the Rookie of the Year Award in 2010?

    Alex Lloyd

  • Who won the longest match in tennis history over Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon?

    John Isner

  • As of 2013, which team have never won the Stanley Cup?

    St. Louis Blues

  • Which of the following nicknames does MMA star Anderson Silva call himself?

    The Spider

  • With which team did Barry Sanders spend his entire NFL career?

    Detroit Lions

  • Which of these won the 1999 Major League Soccer MVP Award?

    Jason Kreis

  • In rugby union, where is a player sent when he is shown a yellow card?


  • Who won the 2004-05 English Premier League


  • How long a second can a player remain in the key in NBA games?


  • Which player was taken first in the new NHL All-Star Game fantasy draft format

    Cam Ward

  • Which country won the 2003 Rugby World cup?


  • Which player led the NHL in overall scoring for the 2010-2011 season?

    Daniel Sedin

  • With which sport do you associate W.G. Grace?


  • Which host of the FIFA World Cup had the highest average attendances?


  • Who won the 1962 Formula One World Drivers' Championship?


  • Who won the 1993 Formula One World Drivers' Championship?

    Alain Prost

  • Which soccer team did Carlos Tevez move to from Manchester City in 2013?


  • Who is the leading NHL points scorer from Germany?

    Dany Heatley

  • How old was Bobby Orr when he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame?


  • Of these, which is an NBA Washington Wizards player?

    Emeka Okafor

  • Who won the Women's Singles title at the 2011 US Open?

    Samantha Stosur

  • How old was Freddy Adu when he made his MLS debut?


  • Who is the all-time assists leader in the NBA?

    John Stockton

  • What is a groundball baseball pitcher sometimes referred to as?

    Worm killer

  • Which former Chicago Bear is famous for his refusal to wear a helmet?

    Bill Hewitt

  • What was NHL coach Emile Francis's nickname?

    The Cat

  • Where is the International Tennis Hall of Fame?

    Rhode Island

  • With which team did Scotty Bowman begin his NHL coaching career?

    St. Louis Blues

  • Which of these won the 1997 Formula One World Drivers' Championship

    Jacques Villeneuve

  • As of 2013, which of these is a soccer player in Aston Villa?

    Leandro Bacuna

  • Which of these is a famous tennis player?

    Michael Chang

  • Which of these female golfers won three majors, the first being in 1978?

    Nancy Lopez

  • Which golfer is nicknamed 'Boom Boom'?

    Fred Couples

  • Of these, who was picked first in the 1981 NHL Entry Draft?

    Dale Hawerchuk

  • Of these, who won the 1937 Tour de France?

    Roger Lapebie

  • Of these, who won the 1980 Tour de France?

    Joop Zoetmelk

  • Who won the 1998 Major League Soccer MVP Award?


  • Who won the 1960 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series?

    Rex White

  • How many Commonwealth Games medals has badminton player Nathan Robertson won?


  • In basketball, which team won the 1948 BAA Finals?

    Baltimore Bullets

  • Which of these is a soccer player in Tottenham Hotspur as of 2013?

    Hugo Lloris

  • Which of these was picked first in the 1997 NBA Draft?

    Tim Duncan

  • Who won the Men's 10,000m at the 2011 IAAF World Championships?

    Ibrahim Jeilan

  • Who won the 2002 FIBA World Championships?


  • Where did Brett Hull begin his NHL career?

    Calgary Flames

  • First American Football Game attendance?


  • What flamboyant golfer likes to eat volcanic dust?

    Jesper Parnevik

  • In which state was baseball player Derek Jeter born?

    New Jersey

  • 2011 Men's 400m IAAF World Championship Winner...

    Kirani James

  • Who attempted the first double backflip on a snowmobile at the 2009 Winter X Games?

    Levi LaVallee

  • Of these, who was picked first in the 1969 NHL Early Draft?

    Rejean Houle

  • Which of these teams won the 2004 UEFA Champions League Final?

    FC Porto

  • Whose field goal attempt went 'wide right' for the Buffalo Bills at Super Bowl XXV?

    Scott Norwood

  • Which of these was picked first in the 1957 NBA Draft?

    Rod Hundley

  • Who was picked first in the 2011 MLS Supplemental Draft?

    Michael Boxall

  • How many world records did athlete Ron Clarke set in a 44 day European tour in 1965?


  • What color shirt does Tiger woods wear during the final round of a tournament?


  • Which trick did Tony Hawk land the first of in 1999 at the Summer X Games?


  • Which player scored Manchester United's first ever goal with David Moyes as manager?

    Jesse Linard

  • Which of these is the name of NHL star?

    Dominik Hasek

  • In which position did NBA star Wilt Chamberlain Play?


  • The US Masters was first played in which year?


  • With which Brazilian club did Neymar begin his professional career?


  • Of these, who won the 1909 Tour de France?

    Francois Faver

  • Which player was the top scorer of the 2012-13 NHL season?

    Martin St. Louis

  • Who won the 1983 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series?

    Bobby Allison

  • Which of these is a soccer player in Arcenal FC as of 2013?

    Nacho Monreal

  • The movie '61*' is about Roger Maris and Mickey Mante's attempts to break who's

    Babe Ruth

  • Of these, who was picked first in the 1972 Major League Baseball Draft?

    Dave Roberts