• How many world records did athlete Ron Clarke set in a 44 day European tour in 1965?


  • What color shirt does Tiger woods wear during the final round of a tournament?


  • Which trick did Tony Hawk land the first of in 1999 at the Summer X Games?


  • Which player scored Manchester United's first ever goal with David Moyes as manager?

    Jesse Linard

  • Which of these is the name of NHL star?

    Dominik Hasek

  • In which position did NBA star Wilt Chamberlain Play?


  • The US Masters was first played in which year?


  • With which Brazilian club did Neymar begin his professional career?


  • Of these, who won the 1909 Tour de France?

    Francois Faver

  • Which player was the top scorer of the 2012-13 NHL season?

    Martin St. Louis

  • Who won the 1983 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series?

    Bobby Allison

  • Which of these is a soccer player in Arcenal FC as of 2013?

    Nacho Monreal

  • The movie '61*' is about Roger Maris and Mickey Mante's attempts to break who's

    Babe Ruth

  • Of these, who was picked first in the 1972 Major League Baseball Draft?

    Dave Roberts