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    ***If you have found yourself into this forum prior to reading the announcement, this is what was posted on the FB group.***


    Dear fellow Wizards,

    As you may have experienced yourself, the Sorting Question Database had been a TREMENDOUS resource in the past two events. All of these wouldn't be possible without the help of everyone that's pitching in to post answers/questions/corrections/suggestions, updating the Database in the back end, and of course Andy for creating the website in the first place.

    Nevertheless, this kind of success also comes with a necessary growing pain. As of today, the Sorting Answer thread has spawned over 800+ comments followed by close to 300 comments on the Sorting Help thread. This kind of growth spur, combined with FB's inadequacy to accommodate such large threaded-discussion, has been a concern to all of the Database editors in terms of following up and monitoring the progress of the thread.

    With all that said, starting from now we would encourage you to keep up your contribution through the newly-setup forum for the Question Database @ www.quizkan.com. This forum is by no means created to replace this FB group, but rather to streamline the question-farming process in a more controlled environment that is easier for both users and editors. By facilitating a friendlier environment, it'll be easier to process new information and weed out the bad ones ---> less and less incorrect sorting info, WIN WIN for all of us and more presents for you!

    The current FB thread will be closed once the admin gets to it, so I would encourage y'all to check out the forum and familiarize yourself with the way it works. Thanks again for everyone's hard work, and hope to see the same amount of positive responses in the new site.

    Quick Links:
    Main Site: http://www.quizkan.com/
    Sorting Answer Thread: http://www.tinyurl.com/SortingAnswer
    Sorting Help Thread: http://www.tinyurl.com/SortingRequest
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